Friday, June 09, 2006

Child Health - Parents having Same Blood Group

Child Health - Does it get affected if the parents have the Same Blood Group
Do not worry about anything. You have no problem. There are four major blood groups and two Rh factors in human beings. The major blood groups are A,B, AB and O, RH factors positive and negative. That is A,B, AB, O, rh factors positive and negative. Thaty is A,B, AB, O (+ve) or A,B,AB,O(-ve). So it is very common to be of the same group of blood in a couple. Nothing bad is happening or can happen in child bearing activity because of the same blood group or different blood group. There are many minor blood groups like M,N etc but they are not important for reproduction (or) blood transfusion.

Blood group incompatibility is possible sometimes but not always. In some situations where wife is RH-ve husband is Rh+ve and child in the womb is Rh+ve and there is mixing of maternal and foetal blood, then it can lead to abortions or hydropsfoetalis (abnormal newborn). This can be prevented by giving anti-D injections to mother while she is carrying the baby. Three hundred g every two months and one booster at the time of delivery. Very rarely ABO blood group incompatibility is seen. So you need not worry about your blood group and bearing a healthy child. Try to develop a positive attitude.
Courtesy: Indian Express

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Having a Second Child

Decided to stop with one child? Is your first kid buggin on a brother/sister?

Suggestions and Precautions

If you have decided not to have a second child, then try to stick to it. Kids usually ask for these by watching neighbours, friends, relatives, etc. Over a period, they will understand and stop asking. So this need not be an issue for consideration.

From the medical point of view...

  • Upto 40 years, bearing a child is not a problem. Age could be a negative factor after 40.
  • If you had a caesarean for the first child, even that is not a problem having the second. You can definitely go for another child.
  • If you are above 30, there are chances where you can get it into Blood Sugar and Blood pressure. These could complicate the pregnancy. Good care can help avoid such complications.

This is more of a personal and emotional decision to be taken by you along with your husband after considering all other factors like....

  • Medical Expenses
  • Educational Expenses
  • Leave available if you are working. Can you continue working after the second child? Can you manage with one person's salary.
  • If you decide not to have your second child, what will be the status of your first child. Will he/she be emotionally affected. Of course, that is your only child and you need to keep him/her happy.

First child.. yes, you need not think too much, but second, you have an option to think. Plan properly. It is very important that you grow your child properly with all care and love.

Good luck.