Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Parents, please note, just by adding a piece of an apple or a glass of hot milk to your childrens breakfast you could protect them from depression, anxiety and disobedience, a new study has claimed. A team at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Perth has carried out a study of more than 800 students and found that a complex breakfast is directly linked to better mental health in kids.
According to lead researcher Therese O’Sullivan, this may be because mental functioning is actually affected by the absorption of a variety of nutrients. Cereal and milk in particular supply calcium iron and B vitamins that assist neurotransmitters, chemicals needed to transfer information in the nervous systems that are directly responsible for behavior and mood. For their study, the researchers enlisted over 800 14 year old girls and boys and analyzed their breakfast intake over three days. They found that just one in four teens ate a high quality breakfast containing three or more of the five food groups, cereals, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and meats and alternative like beans, nuts and eggs. Those who ate from more food groups for their morning meals scored higher on a child behavior checklist, with an improvement in mood seen for every extra food type added the study revealed.
It didn’t matter what they added, just that they added something different like a banana to their cereal to make that meal more complete with vitamins and minerals. From what we found, that makes a huge difference. “For every additional food group added the mental health status improved markedly across the sample,”the Age quoted O’Sullivan as saying.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is Deworming?
Deworming is a process which helps get rid of worms that enter the human body. Children are more prone to worm infestations than adults. Children above two years of age should be put under a regular routine of deworming to maintian good health. Worms enter the body due to lack of hygiene. The most common are the round worm, tape worm and hook worms. Lack of appetite, tiredness, anemia, loose bowels, vomiting are all some common symptoms of worm infestation. Deworming every four to six months is the suggested frequency. Deworming should be done using precribed drugs with appropriate dosages. Deworming helps improve child health.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

High Blood Pressure in pregnancy could be linked to a virus infection

Health - For baby and mother
Pre-eclampsia, the high blood pressure in pregnancy that can endanger both mother and baby, may be associated with a virus infection of the fetus, an Australian study has found. Researchers compared 609 normal pregnancies with 717 that had one or more of four adverse outcomes; premature birth, small for gestational age, bleeding during pregnancy or preeclampsia.

The scientists tested each baby’s blood within five days of birth for the DNA or RNA of eight different viruses. Virus exposure was associated with all four negative outcomes, but especially highly with pre-eclampsia. Mothers of babies who tested positive for any virus were more than five times as likely to have had preeclampsia, and those whose babies tested positive for a herpes virus were almost six times as likely.

The study appears in the March issue of the British journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.The authors acknowledged that their cases and controls were not matched and that the small number of cases of preeclampsia in their sample (23) made it difficult to draw firm conclusions.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Simple method to avoid general cold and cough for children

Honey has the capacity to arrest phlegm and so is ginger. The combination of these 2 helps children in 2 ways...

1) Improve digestion

2) Avoid phlegm accumulation in the chest

Just take a small piece of ginger and crush it to get a few drops of ginger juice and a few drops of honey on to it and mix on a teaspon. A half spoon of this juice is sufficient for children between 1yr to 3 yrs. Add more of honey to make it taste better.

Try this for a few days and you can see a good change in the child. As these are natural ingredients and are consumed in daily life, these will not have any negative impact.

However, if you notice anything abnormal, do consult your doctor for the right medicine. This treatment works well for general cold and cough and may not work if the child is having any viral attack.

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