Sunday, November 19, 2006

Child Care – Importance of washing hands

Germs enter our houses from outside all the time. They cling to us when we go out and return home. Sneezing and coughing also eject bacteria and virus into the air. Pets also become carriers of fungi and bacteria inside the house. We are liable to acquire infection when we come in contact with such germ laden bacteria. These kinds of infections can be majorly avoided by washing hands regularly. Many illness like common cold jaundice, meningitis can be avoided by timely and adequate hand washing.

Parent should definitely inculcate the hand washing practice in children. They should ensure that they child washes its hand before food. Effective hand washing practice has to be imparted to children. First wet your hands and then apply soap and scrub all over the palm and fingers, rinse well with plenty of water and dry the hands properly. Hand washing should be made a mandatory practice after using the toilet.

Attaching such huge importance to hand washing may seem frivolous but the findings are enormous. Doctors who fail to wash their hands between patients become infection transmitters. Some patients have resistance, but majorly young children and old people get affected. In France and England many women died due to sepsis during their childbirth in the early 1800’s because the doctors who attended to them did not wash their hands between patients.

Not only the hands have to be washed thoroughly, but the place we live in our house also has to be free from germs. Ensure the houses are mopped with disinfectant regularly and enough sunshine enters the house. Windows, railings etc., also have to be mopped and kept clean on a regular basis. Especially houses where there are toddlers the house and the floors have to be kept clean as the children have less resistance power. The clothes children wear have to be washed with effective detergents and have to be sun dried.