Monday, April 02, 2012

Tips to keep alert and fit when you appear for exams.

It is best to keep meals simple and light on the tummy.  Heavy meals result in disturbed sleep.  Smart snacking refreshes the body and keeps the students alert and awake.
What to eat?
·         Ensure that meals are small and simple.
·         Snack on crunchy salads such as lettuce, carrot, tomato and cucumber.
·         Juicy fruits help detoxify and de-stress.  Eat oranges, pears, apples and papaya.
·         Roasted grams such as groundnut and Bengal gram, are a good idea.
·         Snack on mixed dry fruits, but only around 10 pieces at a time.
Words of caution?
Children are stressed and, therefore, their immunity is low.  Eating out can result in stomach infection or viral attacks.  It’s best to eat home cooked food that’s clean and hygienically prepared.  High- calorie or high-fat foods can make children sleepy and prevent them from concentrating on their studies.
What to avoid?
·         Oil fried snacks.
·         Greasy,  high-calorie desserts.
·         Skip junk food.
·         Avoid eating out, especially in not-so-hygienic joints.
·         Do not drink juices sold at roadside eateries.
Some general advice
Mark the exam dates and subjects on the calendar and take a look at it every morning.  Keep track of the day and time so that one does not miss out on an exam.

Courtesy : The Hindu, 12/312

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